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When you want sustained transgene expression without the risks of introducing exogenous DNA—such as for developing animal models or pioneering new gene therapy approaches—minicircle technology is a great option. But many labs don't have either the time to spend constructing and producing minicircles or the in-house expertise. Which is why we offer Minicircle Cloning & Production Services.

Delivered by our experienced scientific team that routinely produces minicircles for large pharma partners, our Minicircle Services are very customizable. We can provide a complete end-to-end experience—we clone your cDNA, miRNA, or shRNA into one of our highly-regarded minicircle parental vectors and produce large quantities of minicircles—or only parts of the cloning and production process. We can even customize the parental vector for you.

As with all of SBI’s Custom Services, we offer a high-quality, full service experience that provides:

  • Access to Minicircle Technology for research use with no licensing restrictions when ordering ready-to-use minicircle DNA through our service
  • Dedicated scientific project managers ready to answer any of your questions, whether they’re on the science or the timelines
  • Full transparency and frequent communications about your project
  • Complete confidentiality, consistent quality, and reliable timelines that are made possible by having all aspects of your project conducted on-site in our Palo Alto, California facility

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Achieve sustained expression after transfection in vitro and in vivoMinicircle technology provides robust transgene expression

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