EZ-Genotyping™ Kit

Fast, streamlined genotyping of cultured mammalian cells using a protocol that mitigates the risk of sample cross-contamination.

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EZ-Genotyping™ Kit

50 Reactions
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Fast, streamlined genotyping

Determine the genotypes of target alleles in most mammalian samples using our EZ-Genotyping™ Kit. Based on a robust endpoint PCR reaction, the EZ-Genotyping Kit mitigates the risk of sample cross-contamination occurring in the endpoint PCR reaction by conducting the genomic DNA extraction in a single tube.

The EZ-Genotyping Kit has a simple workflow

The Kit is compatible with high throughput assays and can be used for a range of applications including identification of genotypes in mixed/clonal cell populations, DNA fingerprinting, and cell identity/contamination analysis.

The complete Kit contains enough reagents to analyze genomic DNA from 50 samples.

  • Mitigates cross-contamination with a single-tube assay
  • Delivers robust, reliable results
    • Includes positive controls
    • Successfully amplifies multiple targets on different chromosomes
  • Is easy-to-use—no need for overnight digestion or column purification of genomic DNA
  • Provides almost everything you need—the Kit contains both genomic DNA template preparation reagents and PCR Master Mix
  • Is economical—the Kit contains enough reagents to analyze 50 samples

How It Works

The workflow at-a-glance

  1. Extract genomic DNA
    • Wash cells
    • Add CellExtract Solution
    • Heat for 2 minutes
    • Spin for 2 minutes
  2. Set up and run EZ-Genotyping PCR reaction
  3. Analyze on an agarose gel

Supporting Data

The EZ-Genotyping Kit confirms mono- and bi-allelic genomic modifications

The EZ-Genotyping Kit enables the determination of allele status (wild-type (WT), single-allele knock-out (KO), or bi-allelic KO) in genome editing assays using homologous recombination (HR) targeting vectors along with TALENs or Cas9 SmartNucleases. Figure 1 shows the results from ten candidate cell lines that underwent gene knock-outs using TALENs and an HR vector. The genotyping results clearly show the allele status of each of the candidates: WT—Lines 1 and 3; mono-allelic KO—Lines 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10; bi-allelic KO: Line 2.

The EZ-Genotyping Kit confirms mono- and bi-allelic genomic modifications

Figure 1. The EZ-Genotyping Kit confirms mono- and bi-allelic genomic modifications after gene knock-out.

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