ExoGlow™-RNA EV Labeling Kit

Label EV mRNA (485 nm excitation/537 nm emission) with a reagent specifically optimized for EV labeling.

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ExoGlowTM-RNA EV Labeling Kit

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See EVs better with reagents specifically optimized for labeling
SBI’s new generation of extracellular vesicle (EV) labeling reagents take your EV visualization to new levels of clarity, with low background and high selectivity. Unlike general-purpose labeling reagents that are not optimized for EVs and suffer from high levels of background signal, ExoGlow™-RNA improves your ability to track and localize EVs by specifically labeling EV mRNAs with a proprietary fluorescent dye that delivers very low levels of background signal. The result is unmatched EV imaging for more accurate EV studies (see below for our full range of next generation ExoGlow reagents).

  • Specific—carefully developed to generate a robust signal specific for EV mRNAs, leading to very low levels of background
  • Compatible—delivers robust performance on EVs isolated using all methods tested—including ExoQuick®, ultracentrifugation, and column-based workflows
  • Easy-to-use—labeling protocol is quick and straightforward
  • Powerful—can be used with as little as 50 µg of EVs

ExoGlow-RNA properties:
Excitation: 485 nm
Emission: 537 nm
Laser line: 488 nm

Available next generation ExoGlow EV imaging reagents

EV Component Labeled Cat. # Product Excitation (nm) Emission (nm) Laser Line (nm)
Internal protein EXOGP100A-1 ExoGlow-Protein EV Labeling Kit (Red) 573 588 561
EXOGP300A-1 ExoGlow-Protein EV Labeling Kit (Green)

511 525 488
EXOGP400A-1 ExoGlow-Protein EV Labeling Kit (Blue) 403 454 405
RNA EXOGR800A-1 ExoGlow-RNA EV Labeling Kit 485 537 488
Membrane EXOGM600A-1 ExoGlow-Membrane EV Labeling Kit 465 635 488

Supporting Data

Imaging EVs with a new level of clarity

ExoGlow-RNA enables clear visualization of labeled EVs being internalized by target cells

Figure 1. ExoGlow-RNA enables clear visualization of labeled EVs being internalized by target cells. We labeled HEK293T EVs with ExoGlow-RNA and followed uptake by HEK293T cells. The fluorescence signal localizes to perinuclear and cytoplasmic regions, as would be expected for mRNA.

ExoGlow-RNA specifically labels mRNA

Figure 2. ExoGlow-RNA specifically labels mRNA. We used ExoGlow-RNA to label total RNA isolated from HEK293T cells, and then specifically depleted mRNA using polyT magnetic beads. The almost complete loss of signal in the mRNA-depleted sample demonstrates the specificity of ExoGlow-RNA dye for mRNA.