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miRZip™ & pGreenPuro™ shRNA Scramble Hairpin Negative Control

Easily get the confidence of a good negative control for your miRZip and pGreenPuro shRNA studies with this scrambled, non-targeting pre-miRNA Lentivector

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miRZip™ & pGreenPuro™ shRNA Scramble Hairpin Negative Control
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miRZip™ & pGreenPuro™ shRNA Scramble Hairpin Negative Control
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Supporting your studies with ready-to-go negative controls

No need to make a negative control for your miRZip™ and pGreenPuro™ shRNA studies—SBI’s already built one for you. With the miRZip & pGreenPuro shRNA Scramble Hairpin Negative Control, you get the same lentivector that expresses our miRZips and pGreenPuro shRNAs, but with a scrambled, non-targeting stem-loop sequence so you can easily control for increased miRNA effects.

The miRZip & pGreenPuro shRNA Scramble Hairpin Negative Control is available as both ready-to-transfect lentivector plasmid and ready-to-transduce pre-packaged lentivirus.


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