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Oct4 CR4 pGreenFire (EF1α-neo) Response Reporter

Verify pluripotency and measure Oct4 expression using a pGreenFire (GFP-luciferase) reporter driven by the conserved Oct4 enhancer CR4 – includes EF1α-neo

  • Create stable cell lines for quantitation of Oct4 expression
  • Track differentiation in live cells in real time
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Oct4 CR4-pGreenFire Response Reporter (with EF1α-Neo)
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Monitor and measure the expression of pluripotency markers

With SBI’s line of pGreenFire Pluripotency Response Reporter Vectors, you can monitor and measure the expression of pluripotency markers in live cells in real time. These vectors leverage our reliable lentivector technology and save you time—the pre-built reporters come as ready-to-package lentivector plasmids, with some reporters also available as ready-to-transduce, pre-packaged virus. All of our Response Reporters deliver great performance in both human and mouse cells.

The Oct4 CR4 pGreenFire (EF1α-neo) Response Reporter uses the Oct4 CR4 enhancer with a mouse CMV promoter to co-express GFP and luciferase. Co-expression is mediated by a T2 element. The minimal CMV promoter alone delivers negligible expression, but when downstream of CR4 enhancer elements, drives expression of dscGFP and luciferase under the same conditions when Oct4 is expressed. The result is the ability to quantitatively measure Oct4 expression by fluorescence and luciferase activity.

The vector also includes a constitutively-expressed neomycin marker (EF1α promoter) to simplify cell line construction. Or choose constitutively expressed puromycin marker (Cat.# SR20070-PA-P), or no marker at all (Cat.# SR20070-PA-1).

  • Create stable cell lines for quantitation of Oct4 activity
  • Track differentiation in live cells in real time

Please note that these vectors only function properly when transduced. Transfection keeps the constitutive RSV promoter intact, leading to nonspecific expression of the reporter genes.

Choose the right vector to monitor pluripotency markers (Pluripotency Reporters) or to measure the activity of pluripotency markers (Pluripotency Response Reporters)

Pluripotency response reporters

SBI’s Pluripotency Response Reporters work for both human and mouse stem cells      
Catalog # Promoter/Enhancer elements Reporter Selection cassette
SR20070-PA/VA-1 Oct4 CR4 pGreenFire (GFP-Luc) None
SR20070-PA-N Oct4 CR4 pGreenFire (GFP-Luc) EF1α-Neo
SR20070-PA-P Oct4 CR4 pGreenFire (GFP-Luc) EF1α-Puro
SR20071-PA/VA-1 Sox2 SRR2 pGreenFire (GFP-Luc) None
SR20071-PA-N Sox2 SRR2 pGreenFire (GFP-Luc) EF1α-Neo
SR20071-PA/VA-P Sox2 SRR2 pGreenFire (GFP-Luc) EF1α-Puro

Pluripotency reporters

Catalog # Species Promoter/enhancer element Reporter
SR10033PA/VA-1 Human Oct-4 pGreenZeo
SR10043PA/VA-1 Human Oct-4 pRedZeo
SR10053PA/VA-1 Human Oct-4 pRedTK
SR10029PA/VA-1 Mouse Oct-4 pGreenZeo
SR10045PA/VA-1 Mouse Oct-4 pRedZeo
SR10054PA/VA-1 Mouse Oct-4 pRedTK
SR10030PA/VA-1 Human Nanog pGreenZeo
SR10042PA/VA-1 Human Nanog pRedZeo
SR10055PA/VA-1 Human Nanog pRedTK
SR10031PA/VA-1 Mouse Nanog pGreenZeo
SR10044PA/VA-1 Mouse Nanog pRedZeo
SR10056PA/VA-1 Mouse Nanog pRedTK

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