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RNAfection™ RNA Transfection Reagent

Make the most of the mRNAExpress mRNA Synthesis Kit with this reagent that enables high-efficiency transfection of modified mRNA transcripts.

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RNAfection, RNA transfection reagent
50 µL
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Increase your transfection success with RNAfection™

Designed to deliver high-efficiency transfection of modified RNAs, SBI’s RNAfection RNA Transfection Reagent is the perfect enhancement to the mRNAExpress mRNA Synthesis Kit (Cat.# MR-KIT-1). Simply mix with the RNA to be transfected, incubate fifteen minutes, and add to cells. RNAfection shows low toxicity and increases modified RNA transfection efficiency in most cell types.

Supporting Data

Get high transfection efficiencies with RNAfection

Figure 1. Get high transfection efficiencies with RNAfection. RNAfection-mediated transfection of cells with a GFP-expressing transcript made with the mRNAExpress mRNA Synthesis Kit. The reliable performance of RNAfection is reflected in the increasing number of transfected cells as the amount of transfected transcript increases.

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