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  1. ExoQuick ULTRA for EV Isolation The purest and highest yielding EV isolation system.
  2. ExoELISA-ULTRA Complete Kit for CD81 Detection Speed quantitation of exosomes from most biofluids with this sensitive ELISA-based assay.
  3. ExoGlow-NTA Fluorescent Labeling Kits See only extracellular vesicles with fluorescent NTA for more accurate particle size analysis and quantitation.
  4. ExoBacteria OMV Isolation Kit (for E.coli and other gram-negative bacteria) Get clean, high-yield preps of bacterial outer membrane vesicles from an easy-to-use workflow.
  5. Lenti-Labeler Constructs Obtain reliable cell labeling with the new Lenti-Labeler constructs.

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Seeking out novel technologies and tomorrow’s hot new research areas, the team at SBI accelerates research by striving to be the first company to develop and commercialize new inventions. From novel genome editing tools to exosome research, expression and imaging vectors, RNAi libraries, and stem cell tools, SBI harnesses today’s innovations to drive tomorrow’s discoveries.