XPack MSCV-XP-MCS-EF1α-Puro Cloning Lentivector

Package your protein-of-interest into exosomes with the XPack MSCV-XP-MCS-EF1α-Puro Cloning Lentivector—great for delivering protein to target cells and more.

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XPack MSCV-XP-MCS-EF1α-Puro Cloning Lentivector

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Turn your protein into exosome cargo with XPack™

Whether you’re engineering exosomes as protein delivery vehicles, labeling exosomes with a custom reporter protein, or performing functional studies, XPack gives you the power to package your protein-of-interest into exosomes.

Package your protein-of-interest into exosomes using XPack

XPack MSCV-XP-MCS-EF1α-Puro Cloning Lentivector

With the XPack MSCV-XP-MCS-EF1α-Puro Cloning Lentivector, you can use SBI’s well-proven lentivector technology to express your protein-of-interest and package it into exosomes. The strong MSCV promoter delivers high expression levels in hematopoietic and stem cell lines and the multiple cloning site downstream of the XPack tag enables fusion of the exosome-targeting peptide to your protein-of-interest (also available with a CMV promoter for expression in hematopoietic and stem cells).

The XPack System at a glance:

  • Powerful—enables a wealth of applications, including
    • Exosome labeling
    • Exosome cargo tracking
    • Exosomes as cargo delivery vehicles
    • Exosomes as biotherapeutics
    • Exosome-generating stable cell lines with protein cargo-of-interest
  • Optimized—SBI developed the XPack peptide tag for robust exosome targeting
  • Reliable—based on SBI’s highly-cited, well-proven lentivector technology
  • Versatile
    • Two promoter options for expression in a wide range of cells
    • Comes as pre-built reporters (GFP, RFP, luciferase) or ready-to-customize cloning lentivectors

Choose the XPack Lentivector that’s right for you

  CMV Promoter

For most cell lines

MSCV Promoter

For hematopoietic and stem cell lines

Customize with our cloning vector
  XPAK510PA-1 XPack CMV-XP-MCS-EF1α-Puro XPAK710PA-1 XPack MSCV-XP-MCS-EF1α-Puro
Label exosomes with pre-built reporters



XPack CMV-XP-GFP-EF1α-Puro XPAK730PA-1


Luciferase XPAK532CL-1



XPack CMV-XP-Luciferase-EF1α-Puro XPAK732PA-1


XPack MSCV-XP-Luciferase-EF1α-Puro

How It Works

Optimized for success

With XPack, SBI has developed an optimized N-terminal peptide sequence that targets the peptide—and any protein fused to it—to the inner surface of the exosome membrane. Clone your protein of interest into one of the XPack Cloning Vectors and, when expressed, your protein will be packaged into exosomes.

Supporting Data

Engineer exosomes with XPack and deliver functional protein to cells, changing cellular physiology

Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 1B (CDKN1B) is a 22 KDa protein which is a cell cycle inhibitor and tumor suppressor. To demonstrate how exosomes can be used to deliver functional protein to cells, we generated exosomes containing CDKN1B and show that addition of these exosomes HEK-293 cells can reduce cellular proliferation (Figure 1).

XPack-CDKN1B exosomes deliver functional protein to cells

Figure 1. XPack-CDKN1B exosomes reduce cellular proliferation. METHODS: We cloned the CDKN1B gene into CMV-XP-MCS-EF1α-Puro Cloning Lentivector (Cat.# XPAK510PA-1), transfected this construct into HEK293 cells, and isolated exosomes after 48 hours using ExoQuick-TC®. We then added 5, 50, or 100 µg of XPack-CDKN1B exosomes to approximately 5000 HEK-293 target cells in 96-well tissue culture plates at 24-hour intervals over the course of 72 hours. Exosomes isolated from non-transfected cells were used for controls. Cellular proliferation was quantified using an MTT Assay (Millipore catalog # CT02) and normalilzed to HEK-293 cells treated with control exosomes. XPack-CDKN1B exosomes consistently reduce the rate of cellular proliferation.