pAAVK-EF1α-MCS-CMV-EGFP AAVanced™ Cloning and Expression Vector

Take advantage of AAV-based gene delivery for gene therapy development and other applications with the dual promoter vector, pAAVK-EF1α-MCS-CMV-EGFP.

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pAAVK-EF1α-MCS1-CMV-EGFP AAVanced Cloning and Expression Vector

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Harness AAV technology with SBI’s AAVanced rAAV Vectors

Widely used for gene therapy development and gene editing in vivo because of their broad tropism, lack of associated disease, the ability to transduce both dividing and non-dividing cells, and long-term transgene expression, recombinant AAV vectors are becoming increasingly popular. To help researchers take advantage of the powerful AAV system, SBI has developed a series of AAV vectors optimized for easy cloning and high titers. The pAAVK-EF1α-MCS-CMV-EGFP AAVanced™ Cloning and Expression Vector is an AAV vector that enables the expression of a gene-of-interest from the EF1α promoter and an enhanced GFP reporter by the CMV promoter.

Because packaging into the AAV capsid limits the size of AAV vectors, the total amount of DNA between the two ITRs in SBI’s AAVanced Vectors needs to be 5 kb or less.

pAAVK-EF1α-MCS-CMV-EGFP AAVanced Cloning and Expression VectorChoose the right AAVanced Vector for your project

SBI’s family of AAVanced Cloning and Expression Vectors support a range of projects:

  • Optimized for high titer rAAV production
  • Available in single and dual promoter formats
  • Compatible with any AAV packaging system
  • Designed for easy & efficient cloning
  • Choose fluorescent or antibiotic selection markers
Cat.# Vector Marker Features
AAV502A-1 pAAVK-EF1α-MCS None Streamlined size
AAV503A-1 pAAVK-EF1α-MCS1-CMV-MCS2 None Flexible—dual promoter, dual MCS
AAV526A-1 pAAVK-EF1α-MCS-T2A-EGFP EGFP Co-expression with marker
AAV527A-1 pAAVK-EF1α-MCS-T2A-Puro Puro Co-expression with marker
AAV528A-1 pAAVK-EF1α–MCS-T2A-mRFP mRFP Co-expression with marker
AAV536A-1 pAAVK-EF1α-MCS1-CMV-EGFP EGFP Dual promoter with marker
AAV537A-1 pAAVK-EF1α-MCS1-CMV-Puro Puro Dual promoter with marker
AAV538A-1 pAAVK-EF1α-MCS1-CMV-mRFP mRFP Dual promoter with marker

Supporting Data

Effective gene delivery and expression with AAVanced Cloning and Expression Vectors

Effective gene delivery and expression with AAVanced Cloning and Expression Vectors

Figure 1. SBI’s dual promoter AAVanced Cloning and Expression vectors are delivered effectively to target cells and express the desired markers. Representative images for GFP/RFP/Puro marker expression in HT1080 cells transduced with pAAVK-EF1α-MCS-CMV-EGFP (top row), pAAVK-EF1α-MCS-CMV-mRFP (middle row), or pAAVK-EF1α-MCS-CMV-Puro (bottom row). The top two rows compare cells transduced with the indicated vector packaged into AAV particles versus cells transfected with the same vector. Both conditions show good expression of GFP or RFP. The bottom row shows the number of cells present after three days of puromycin selection in the well with or without infection with pAAVK-EF1-MCS-CMV-Puro packaged into AAV particles.