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Primer Mix to Confirm Knock-in of AAVS1 Positive Control Donor

Confirm successful knock-in of positive control AAVS1 HR Targeting Vector pAAVS1D-CMV-RFP-EF1α-copGFPpuro with these 5’ and 3’ primers for junction PCR assays

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5’ and 3’ Primer Mixes for Junction PCR Assays for GE603A-1 (AAVS1 Safe Harbor Positive Control Donor Vector, 10 µM)
100 µL
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Move forward with confidence

To simplify verification of successful knock-in of RFP at the AAVS1 safe harbor site using the positive control pAAVS1D-CMV-RFP-EF1α-copGFPpuro PrecisionXTM HR Targeting Vector, SBI offers this ready-to-use 5’ and 3’ Primer Mix for Junction PCR Assays.


  • Ihry, RJ, et al. (2018) p53 inhibits CRISPR-Cas9 engineering in human pluripotent stem cells. Nat. Med.. 2018 Jun 11;. PM ID: 29892062

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