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Exo-Flow96 Tetra IP Kit

For high-throughput, 96-well plate-based immunopurification of exosomes from serum, plasma, media, or other biofluids using antibodies to CD63, CD81, and CD9

  • Selection of well-validated antibodies for reliable and reproducible purification
  • Large-sized magnetic beads increase the efficiency of exosome capture
  • Available in 32- and 96-well formats for high-throughput, affinity-based exosome isolation
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Exo-Flow96 Tetra IP kit (CD9, CD63, CD81)
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Streamline affinity-based exosome immunopurification

With magnetic beads already pre-coupled to antibodies to the tetraspanin proteins CD63, CD81, and CD9, and delivered in a 96-well format, SBI’s Exo-Flow96 Tetra IP Kit simplifies high-throughput, antibody-based exosome isolation. Our magnetic bead-coupled anti-CD9 antibodies are extensively validated, and the high-quality Exo-Flow IP kit components ensure reliable, reproducible affinity-based exosome purification directly from serum or plasma. Exosomes can also be purified from other biofluids such as media, urine, and CSF, but must first be concentrated using either ExoQuick-TC® or ultracentrifugation.

  • Selection of well-validated antibodies for reliable and reproducible purification
  • Large-sized magnetic beads increase the efficiency of exosome capture
  • Available in 32- and 96-well formats for high-throughput, affinity-based exosome isolation

Even better, with our larger-than-typical bead size (9.1 μm diameter) exosome capture is highly efficient, enabling capture of billions of exosomes from one sample.

Each IP kit comes with all the necessary reagents for immunopurification—capture antibody pre-coupled to magnetic beads in 96-well clear plates (as 8-well strips) with covers, wash buffer, Exosome Elution Buffer, and clearing reagent (to remove Exosome Elution Buffer). A 96-well plate magnet, the Exo-FlowMag96, can be purchased separately (Cat.# EXOFLOWMAG-1).Different formats for different needs

To facilitate a range of studies, SBI built the Exo-Flow IP system to be highly modular. We offer a range of magnetic bead-coupled antibodies in 32- and 96-well formats.

Cat.# Kit
EXOFLOW32A-CD63 Exo-Flow32 CD63 IP kit
EXOFLOW32A-CD81 Exo-Flow32 CD81 IP kit
EXOFLOW32A-CD9 Exo-Flow32 CD9 IP kit
EXOFLOW32A-Tetra Exo-Flow32 Tetra IP kit (CD9, CD63, CD81)
EXOFLOW96A-CD63 Exo-Flow96 CD63 IP kit
EXOFLOW96A-CD81 Exo-Flow96 CD81 IP kit
EXOFLOW96A-CD9 Exo-Flow96 CD9 IP kit
EXOFLOW96A-Tetra Exo-Flow96 Tetra IP kit (CD9, CD63, CD81)

Supporting Data

See isolation data using Exo-FLOW IP Kits

For these studies, either human serum or HEK293 exosomes concentrated from cell culture media using ExoQuick-TC were added to the antibody-coupled magnetic beads. After washing, exosomes were eluted and recovery estimated using a standard BCA protein assay.

Figure 1. CD63 and CD9, two exosome markers, are readily detected in samples purified using Exo-Flow Kits. Approximately 1 µg of protein was loaded per well on a 4–20% gradient protein PAGE. The proteins were separated and transferred to nitrocellulose membranes for Western blot analysis. The blots were probed with either with anti-CD63 or anti-CD9 antibodies to detect the exosome protein markers.

Figure 2. NanoSight analysis shows Exo-Flow IP Kits deliver good yields of particles whose sizes are consistent with exosomes.


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