LentiStarter 3.0 Kit

Get almost everything you need to start producing lentivirus in our LentiStarter 3.0 Kit—excellent for those new to lentivirus production.

  • pPACK Packaging System (100 µL)
  • PureFection Transfection Reagent (120 µL)
  • PEG-it Concentration Reagent (20 mL)
  • TransDux™ MAX Transduction Reagent (10 reactions*)
  • SBI’s well-proven, widely-published lentivirus technology
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LentiStarter 3.0 Kit (includes pPACKH1, PureFection, PEG-it, and TransDux MAX)
2-5 Preps
$ 599


Effortlessly introduce lentivirus production into your lab

If you’re new to lentivirus production, SBI’s LentiStarter 3.0 Kit is a great way to get started. With optimized reagents designed to deliver high-titer virus preps, the LentiStarter 3.0 Kit takes the worry out of lentivirus production and is suitable for any application where stable gene delivery and expression is desired.

The LentiStarter 3.0 Kit includes almost everything you need to start producing lentivirus—you supply the HEK293T/TN/FT producer cells and the lentivector and we provide the critical reagents:

But with LentiStarter 3.0, you get more than the kit—you get confidence backed by:

  • SBI’s well-proven, widely-published lentivirus technology
  • Optimized reagents that we keep on improving
  • Deep technical expertise from the scientists that develop our lentivirus production products and perform our lentivirus production services

The Kit includes enough reagents for generating lentivirus from either two 15 cm plates or five 10 cm plates.

Get started producing lentivirus today—order the LentiStarter 3.0 Kit.

*One transduction reaction is defined as 500 µL of total volume in a single well of a 24-well plate.

How It Works

Start producing lentivirus

Kit Contents

pPACK Packaging System

  • Reliable—generate high titers of transduction-ready pseudoviral particles
  • Powerful—efficiently deliver and stably express your lentivector constructs in a wide range of mammalian cells
  • Well-designed—quantify pseudoviral titers and transduction efficiency using a convenient copGFP control
  • Flexible—choose from FIV and HIV-based lentivector packaging kits

PureFection Transfection Reagent

  • Flexible—highly effective transfection technology supports a range of applications
    • Compatible with most cell types
    • Works with both plasmid DNA and siRNAs
  • Cost-effective—excellent alternative to expensive, lipid-based products
  • Safe—nano-based gene delivery with low toxicity
  • Fast—quick fifteen-minute protocol makes PureFection ideal for high-throughput transfections

PEG-it Concentration Reagent

  • Easy-to-use—simplifies lentiviral production by removing the need for ultracentrifugation
  • Cost-effective—contributes to more efficient transductions
  • Powerful—concentrate lentiviral particles 10- to 100-fold
  • Scalable—enables isolation of virus from large volumes of media
  • Safe—supports a range of applications
    • Found to be non-toxic to all target cell lines tested, including ES cells
    • Prevent toxic and immunogenic reactions by avoiding accumulation of cellular debris

TransDux™ MAX Transduction Reagent

  • Efficient—up to 8-fold greater transduction efficiency than polybrene, and 4-fold greater efficiency than standard TransDux reagent as measured by qPCR*
  • Easy-to-use—kit format requires minimal hands-on time (<5 minutes)
  • Non-toxic—no need to change out media after infection
  • Versatile—works with all types of packaged lentivirus
  • Flexible—enhances transduction efficiency in a wide variety of cell lines
  • Broadly compatible—does not interfere with downstream gene expression or functional assays

*Based on infection of HT1080 cells with the pre-packaged virus format of SBI’s BLIV 2.0 reporter MSCV-Luciferase-EF1a-copGFP-T2A-Puro (Cat# BLIV713VA-1) and the appropriate conditions for polybrene, TransDux, and TransDux MAX. Virus transduction & integration efficiency was measured using SBI’s UltraRapid Titering Kit (Cat #LV961A-1).


  • Amaral, MCGRP. (2017) In vitro and in vivo models to assess cancer metastasis. Thesis. ;. Link: Thesis

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