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Cytosol Cyto-Tracer™, pCT-Cyto-RFP (CMV)

Study cellular processes and physiology with this Cyto-Tracer that expresses un-tagged RFP from the CMV promoter – untagged RFP localizes in the cytosol

  • Stable lentivector-based system
  • Great for creating stable reporter cell lines
  • Ideal for co-localization studies
  • Monitor cellular dynamics and functional studies in real time
  • Label cells with RFP for a broad range of studies
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pCT-Cyto-RFP (pCMV, Cytosol, Untagged)
10 µg
$ 595
pCT-Cyto-RFP (pCMV, Cytosol, Untagged; pre-packaged virus)
>2x10^6 IFUs
$ 686


Easily study the dynamics of cellular processes with SBI’s Cyto-Tracers™

Leverage SBI’s high-quality lentivector technology to study subcellular localization and dynamics with our line of Cyto-Tracer vectors. Easily create stable reporter cell lines with our validated, pre-built lentivectors—available as transfectable plasmids or ready-to-transduce, pre-packaged virus. The Cytosol Cyto-Tracer, pCT-Cyto-RFP (CMV), expresses an untagged RFP, which naturally localizes to the cytosol. RFP is expressed from the CMV promoter for strong expression in common cell types such as HeLa, HEK293, and HT1080.

  • Stable lentivector-based system
  • Great for creating stable reporter cell lines
  • Ideal for co-localization studies
  • Monitor cellular dynamics and functional studies in real time
  • Label cells with RFP for a broad range of studies

Choose the Cyto-Tracer that’s right for you

Promoter (Cat.#) Cyto-Tracer Target Location Peptide Tag
CMV (CYTO100-PA-1/CYTO100-VA-1)
MSCV (CYTO100-PB-1/CYTO100-VB-1)
pCT-Mem-GFP Plasma Membrane Neuromodulin
CMV (CYTO101-PA-1/CYTO101-VA-1)
MSCV (CYTO101-PB-1/CYTO101-VB-1)
pCT-InnerMem-GFP Inner Leaflet of Membrane Farnesylation signal
CMV (CYTO102-PA-1/CYTO102-VA-1)
MSCV (CYTO102-PB-1/CYTO102-VB-1)
pCT-Mito-GFP Mitochondria Cytochrome C oxidase VIII
CMV (CYTO103-PA-1/CYTO103-VA-1) pCT-ER-GFP Endoplasmic Reticulum ER targeting consensus
CMV (CYTO104-PA-1/CYTO104-VA-1) pCT-Golgi-GFP Golgi Apparatus Galactosyltrasferase
CMV (CYTO105-PA-1/CYTO105-VA-1) pCT-Secretory-GFP ER-Golgi  Vesicles Secretory consensus peptide
CMV (CYTO106-PA-1/CYTO106-VA-1) pCT-Lyso-GFP Lysosome Cathepsin B
CMV (CYTO107-PA-1/CYTO107-VA-1) pCT-Endo-GFP Endosome RhoB
CMV (CYTO107R-PA-1/CYTO107R-VA-1) pCT-Endo-RFP Endosome RhoB
CMV (CYTO108-PA-1/CYTO108-VA-1)
MSCV (CYTO108-PB-1/CYTO108-VB-1)
pCT-Pero-GFP Peroxisome Peroxisomal consensus signal
CMV (CYTO109-PA-1/CYTO109-VA-1) pCT-Autophago-GFP Autophagosome LC3
CMV (CYTO109R-PA-1/CYTO109R-VA-1) pCT-Autophago-RFP Autophagosome LC3
CMV (CYTO120-PA-1/CYTO120-VA-1) pCT-CD63-GFP Exosome/Secretory CD63 Tetraspanin
CMV (CYTO120R-PA-1/CYTO120R-VA-1) pCT-CD63-RFP Exosome/Secretory CD63 Tetraspanin
CMV (CYTO122-PA-1/CYTO122-VA-1) pCT-CD9-GFP Exosome/Secretory CD9 Tetraspanin
CMV (CYTO123-PA-1/CYTO123-VA-1) pCT-CD9-RFP Exosome/Secretory CD9 Tetraspanin
CMV (CYTO124-PA-1/CYTO124-VA-1) pCT-CD81-GFP Exosome/Secretory CD81 Tetraspanin
CMV (CYTO125-PA-1/CYTO125-VA-1) pCT-CD81-RFP Exosome/Secretory CD81 Tetraspanin
CMV (CYTO110-PA-1/CYTO110-VA-1)
MSCV (CYTO110-PB-1/CYTO110-VB-1)
pCT-Actin-GFP Cytoskeleton β-actin
CMV (CYTO111-PA-1/CYTO111-VA-1)
MSCV (CYTO111-PB-1/CYTO111-VB-1)
pCT-Tublin-GFP Cytoskeleton α-tublin
CMV (CYTO111R-PA-1/CYTO111R-VA-1) pCT-Tublin-RFP Cytoskeleton α-tublin
CMV (CYTO112-PA-1/CYTO112-VA-1) pCT-MAP4-GFP Microtubule Microtubule associated protein 4 (MAP4)
CMV (CYTO113-PA-1/CYTO113-VA-1)
MSCV (CYTO113-PB-1/CYTO113-VB-1)
pCT-H2B-GFP Nucleus H2B
CMV (CYTO114-PA-1/CYTO114-VA-1) pCT-Apoptosis-Luc  Caspase 3/7 activation Cyclic inactive luciferase
CMV (CYTO115-PA-1/CYTO115-VA-1) pCT-GFP-BAX Cytosol to Mitochondria BAX
CMV (CYTO116-PA-1/CYTO116-VA-1) pCT- Catenin-GFP Cytosol to Nucleus/Cell Membrane β-Catenin activation
CMV (CYTO117-PA-1/CYTO117-VA-1) pCT-CMV-PSD95-GFP Dendrite Membranes PSD-95
CMV (CYTO118-PA-1/CYTO118-VA-1)
MSCV (CYTO118-PB-1/CYTO118-VB-1)
pCT-Cyto-GFP Cytosolic Compartment GFP-Untagged
CMV (CYTO119-PA-1/CYTO119-VA-1) pCT-Cyto-RFP Cytosolic Compartment RFP-Untagged
MSCV (CYTO121-PB-1/CYTO121-VB-1) pCT-Cyto-GFpLuc GFP and Luciferase Control GFP and Luciferase (Untagged)

How It Works

Visualizing the cell with Cyto-Tracers

SBI’s Cyto-Tracers fuse a specific protein tag to copGFP or RFP, directing the fluorescent protein to the desired subcellular location.

Supporting Data

See some of our Cyto-Tracers in action


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