XMIRXpress Lentivector with a Non-targeting miRNA

A control XMIRXpress Lentivector that encodes a non-targeting miRNA.

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XMIRXpress lentivector Non-targeting miRNA with Xmotif

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Enhancing your exosome-packaged miRNA studies

Use SBI’s XMIRXpress Lentivector with a Non-targeting miRNA as a control for your exosome-packaged miRNA studies. Like all the XMIRXpress Lentivectors, this construct uses the XMotif to package a small RNA into exosomes, but the small RNA is non-targeting.

An example XMIRXpress Lentivector map using the pre-built XMIRXpress Lentivector miR-29b

All XMIRXpress Lentivectors feature an EF1a-GFP-Puro selection cassette and a downstream H1 promoter expressing the XMIR + XMotif cassette.

  • Flexible—turn the cell line of your choice into a factory that produces miRNA-packed exosomes
  • Powerful—great for a range of applications, including:
    • Modulating expression of miRNA-targets in recipient cells
    • Developing exosome-delivered miRNA-based therapies

How It Works

miRNA packaging into exosomes with XMIRXpress

Generating exosomes with specific miRNAs using XMIRXpress

Like XMIR and AXMIR, XMIRXpress packaging relies on an RNA sequence tag—the XMotif (identified and optimized by SBI)—that targets small RNAs to exosomes for packaging. By expressing an miRNA-XMotif cassette from an H1 promoter, you can generate miRNAs that are packaged into exosomes. After creating a stable cell line with your XMIRXpress Lentivector, you can continuously isolate exosomes containing your miRNA.

Supporting Data

The XMotif in XMIRXpress directs miRNAs to exosomes

Exosomes isolated from cells transfected with the XMIRXpress Lentivector miR-29b only contain packaged XMIRXpress-miR-29b miRNA if the lentivector contains a functional XMotif.

The XMotif in XMIRXpress directs miRNAs to exosomes

Figure 1. The XMotif in XMIRXpress directs miRNAs to exosomes. METHODS: The XMIRXpress-miR-29b Lentivector was transfected into HEK293 cells cultured in DMEM media with Exo-FBS (exosome-depleted FBS) in place of standard FBS to avoid contaminating bovine exosomes. HEK293 exosomes were collected after 48 hours. The exosomal RNA was purified and converted into qPCR-compatible cDNA. Relative amounts of XMIRXpress-miR-29b miRNA packaged into exosomes from the XMIRXpress-miR-29b lentivector were quantitated by qPCR with miR-16 used as a reference exosome control signal. The ΔΔCt calculation for XMIRXpress-miR-29b miRNA is shown in the bar graph.